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It’s a little ooVoo for all of us

A little while ago Scott Monty, one of the brains at crayon, hit me up about participating in a program they were working on for a client Not knowing any better, I said sure I'd give it a try. That client is ooVoo. What ooVoo is is sort of a video chat enabler, allowing a… Continue reading It’s a little ooVoo for all of us

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Needed a laugh today. Hit Hulu and found Arrested Development clips.

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Budget cuts for Public Broadcasting

The new Bush Budget wants to more or less completely cut federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting over the next couple of years. Great idea, as long as your goal is to kill all dissenting media voices or at least strip them down to the point where all they can do is reprint… Continue reading Budget cuts for Public Broadcasting

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Cloverfield and buzz-building

Portland Press Herald writer Justin Ellis contacted me a little while ago about an interview on the buzz marketing around Cloverfield and, being me, I gladly obliged. The story ran yesterday and is quite good, with quotes and background from myself and a number of others who were following the evolving campaign.

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Studios begin to look beyond the golden dem

Hollywood is realizing older audiences are contributing to the success of their movies and is looking for more ways to market to them according to Variety. That shift in thinking is due in part to the general shift in demographics that's taking place as Baby Boomers age and more of the U.S. population drifts over… Continue reading Studios begin to look beyond the golden dem