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We obviously don’t have enough work to do

Chris: You need to use pictures of yourself with your hand covering your mouth as your Twitter icon more. Tom: what you don't like my photos? Chris: I'm just saying when you throw a gallery show of your collection of such photos I'd appreciate an invite. Tom: how fucking awesome would that be Chris: Best.… Continue reading We obviously don’t have enough work to do

Makin' the Funny

But what about the ‘Little House’ rerun that was originally scheduled?

Clinton buys one-hour block of time on Hallmark Channel.

Makin' the Funny

Compared to the Cloverfield monster, Serpentor was a wuss

I sent this to Tom and he linked to it first, but it appears that the events of the movie Cloverfield were not the first time that monster tried to run rampage through a major city. The first time this happened, though, the G.I. Joe team was there to fight it back. Cause they are,… Continue reading Compared to the Cloverfield monster, Serpentor was a wuss


Steampunk Star Wars

I'm not all that big a fan of most of these "steampunk" creations. Basically people take current devices or whatever and re-imagine them being powered by steam engines, air power and other means straight out of the 1800s. Most of it just seems kind of odd and it's never really caught my interest. That being… Continue reading Steampunk Star Wars

Movie Journal

DVD Review: Sex and Breakfast

Sex and Breakfast is not an especially easy movie to like since the characters that inhabit it are not particularly likable. They’re alternatively egomaniacal, clueless, deceptive or just kind of pathetic. The movie tells the story of two dating couples who at the outset are complete strangers. Both couples, though, end up at the same… Continue reading DVD Review: Sex and Breakfast

Movie Journal

DVD Review: King of California

What an absolutely great movie. King of California stars Michael Douglas as a man with some problems. So many, in fact that he’s spent the last couple years in a mental institution. When he’s released he rejoins his daughter, played by Evan Rachel Wood, and tries to once again make himself a part of her… Continue reading DVD Review: King of California

A Brief Digression

Next time I’m keeping my big mouth $*@!ing shut

Me yesterday to client on the phone: “It should run tomorrow morning unless something big happens like Microsoft deciding to buy Yahoo. Hahahahahah!” Today: Microsoft Bids $44.6B for Yahoo Me today: "WHY DO YOU MOCK ME GOD!"