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Just because Bush is from Texas doesn’t mean it’s another country

A new ad campaign for the Cubs will highlight the international flavor the team has, featuring players from around the world and across the U.S. with their country or state flags behind them. It's great that Kerry Wood is proud he's from Texas, but until he learns how to fall off the mound without needing… Continue reading Just because Bush is from Texas doesn’t mean it’s another country

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TiVo Alert: MMM on TV

So I've been asked to appear on Fox Business Channel tomorrow morning, on their "Money for Breakfast" show, to talk about the impact Heath Ledger's passing will have on the marketing campaign for The Dark Knight. The segment is scheduled to appear at about 8:45 Eastern, so set your DVRs accordingly. Hope this goes well.


LOTD: 1/24/08 – Expanded Edition

I built up quite a collection of stories I wanted to pass on. I don't have time to write longer thoughts about each one but also didn't want to dismiss too many of them with just a one-liner. So I present to you an incredibly awkward collection of stories from the last week or so.… Continue reading LOTD: 1/24/08 – Expanded Edition


You don’t say?

Seems that Bush & Co. weren't actually filled with truthiness like they said they were as the brought the nation into an unnecessary war. Remember when liberal blogs were denounced  for pointing this stuff out when it was happening? Remember when the mainstream media helped the administration make their case? Cause I do.

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Some more uses for that $3M burning a hole in your pocket

Mack hits many of the same notes, albeit arranged into his own unique and engaging tune, I did the other day when talking about alternative uses for $3 million. He also does the math and figures out what sort of sustainable, conversational programs companies could run that have the potential for much greater long-term return… Continue reading Some more uses for that $3M burning a hole in your pocket


Looks like something the Big Bad Wolf just blew down

I think we may have taken what passes for "set photos" a bit too far.


Music of the Day: U2 – (Pride) In the Name of Love

Happy birthday, Dr. King.


Cloverfield impressions

I'm not all that great at movie reviews so won't pain you with that. Most of what I thought about the movie itself can be found between the lines of this post over on MMM. In terms of an actual review of the themes of the movie and how well it explores certain topics, I… Continue reading Cloverfield impressions


I may need to take a moment

I hope the Weinstein Co. realizes that by keeping Fanboys on the shelf they're denying the cinematic world this. And I hope that gives them pause.


LOTD: 1/18/08

Yes, we've all heard about the order by the toy companies who own Scrabble to take down the Facebook application Scrabulous. While I remarked to Tom that it has the unfortunate side effect of pretty much killing any social networking moves Hasbro and Mattel might hope to make in the next five years or so,… Continue reading LOTD: 1/18/08