Dear Twitter,

Believe me, this is a hard letter for me to write. You’ve been such a great partner since we met. You let me speak my mind, let me connect with people whose thoughts I enjoy reading and are just great.

When you work, that is.

But that is becoming less and less frequent. I appreciate that you tried to keep our relationship fresh with a new downtime graphic (despite the fact that “Something is technically wrong” sounds like lawyer-speak. I think what you were trying for is “Something is wrong technically.”) but when that’s primarily what I see…well…it’s disappointing.

Don’t think I’m going to go see other micro-blogging platforms. I’m not, really. I’ve tried a few others but the lack of users and not quite as slick interface just doesn’t work for me. No, more troubling for you should be the fact that it’s quite easy to ditch micro-blogging entirely. It’s an add-on to my day, not an essential.

So let’s call this a trial separation. I know you’ve been getting other letters like this and hope that you’ll take them in the constructive way they’re intended. But if you really want people to continue to use your site you need to let them use your site. You’ve gotten a lot of free passes and second chances, but if any other site stopped in its tracks as frequently as you do we’d all have ditched it a long time ago.

It’s not me – it’s you. Fix yourself, then we can talk more.