I may need to take a moment

I hope the Weinstein Co. realizes that by keeping Fanboys on the shelf they're denying the cinematic world this. And I hope that gives them pause.


LOTD: 1/18/08

Yes, we've all heard about the order by the toy companies who own Scrabble to take down the Facebook application Scrabulous. While I remarked to Tom that it has the unfortunate side effect of pretty much killing any social networking moves Hasbro and Mattel might hope to make in the next five years or so,… Continue reading LOTD: 1/18/08


More change afoot in the media world

Wanted to follow up my previous post on the evolution of the media landscape with another batch of stories in that same vein. First, the Chicago Tribune has added 13 new communities to its TribLocal site, which lets people in those communities post news, photos and events. The only thing I think they can be… Continue reading More change afoot in the media world