If only Luthor had thought of encouraging the writers to seek better compensation

I'd be surprised and disappointed the Warner Bros. has put the Justice League movie - second only to G.I. Joe in the "Likely to Be a Studio Crippling Trainwreck" department - on indefinite hold, but frankly I'm a little relieved. Maybe this will give the people at DC time to get together a posse and [...]


Time Warner sets out to kill iTunes, streaming programming, advertisers…everyone else

Time Warner has announced they will begin experimenting with tiered pricing schemes for their broadband Internet service that will charge customers by how much bandwidth they use in a month. While the company's intent may be to align itself more firmly with the Hollywood studio lawyers who are trying to go after people who illegally [...]

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Cloverfield

"Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size fo a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surrea, horrifying event of their lives." That plot description [...]