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Keys to remaining relevant

Just a quick off-topic note. Over on OpentheDialogue I put up a post on the seven key steps to remaining relevant as a media organization. I thought it was pretty good, so wanted to give it a little help.

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Mach 5 from Speed Racer at Detroit Auto Show

Warner Bros. will be bringing the Mach 5 race car from Speed Racer's cinematic debut to the Detroit Auto Show January 19th - 21st. Obviously the studio is hoping the appearance of the car will ignite some buzz about the movie not only in movie-oriented outlets but also in the auto industry press as well, [...]

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Semi-Pro promotional tour dates announced

FunnyOrDie (via JoBlo) has the dates for the comedy tour Will Ferrell and a handful of comedians are embarking on as part of the promotional push for Ferrell's new comedy Semi-Pro. Ferrell and others are heading out to colleges throughout the month of February to bring both the FunnyOrDie and Semi-Pro brands to audiences there. [...]

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I can has poster?

You know you've got a genuine pop culture phenomenon on your hands when your movie poster winds up appearing on I Can Has Cheezburger with a walrus on it.

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If there’s a guard with a face that comes off I’m in

The best part about these Silence of the Lambs minimates is that the Jodie Foster/Clarice figure can easily be re-purposed by the manufacturer or collector as a Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully figure.

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Audience: We’ll tolerate ads. Studios: Good, cause that’s the plan

At the end of this AdAge piece on the transformations the movie rental has recently gone through and the changes ahead of it, writer Brian Steinberg makes the completely valid point that people don't really want or need another set-top box. That's important since a lot of these moves include just that. He also writes: [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – A Veggie Tales Movie

Veggie Tales are a big hit in my house. It’s by no means the only thing our kids watch, but as Christians we think it’s great that the stories are both entertaining (they’re funny on levels both kids and adults will appreciate) but also contain a positive Christian message. Some of the stories wind up [...]

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Remaining relevant in seven easy steps

"Relevancy" is a word that's thrown around a lot these days. Ads online are "contextually relevant" to the content they appear next to. Brands strive to remain relevant to customers who have many (a plethora?) of choices in whatever category that brand operates in. Relevance to the mind of the consumer is, like trust, something [...]