If you want to get a Chicago fan’s ire up, ask their opinion of Stones of Sisyphus, the album the band recorded around 1992 that never got released. The album got lost amidst band changes, label disappointment over Twenty-1 and other issues. A few songs made it onto some foreign “best of” collections and a couple were included in “The Box,” the four-disc compilation released in the U.S. a couple years ago.

Bootlegs are easy to find online (I have it, and have for years) and it’s well worth a listen. It’s a solid album from a band reclaiming the best parts of its history as well as marking out where it wanted to go from there, a destination that was unfortunately thwarted when the album failed to find a release outlet, reportedly souring the band on future albums of new music.

This song was my first exposure to the album’s material when it appeared on the “Live at the Greek Theater” VHS that year. As good as this live version is, the album version is even better.