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Movie Marketing Madness: Sweeney Todd

I’m an unabashed fan of director Tim Burton and have been since…well…I first discovered him. I love Edward Scissorhands, really dig Ed Wood and even like Mars Attacks!, a movie most people detest, largely because I don’t think they get what he was trying to do. I think the only Burton movie I haven’t seen… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Sweeney Todd

Friends of Thilk, Off Topic


One of my favorite ways to amuse myself during the day is to be annoying on Twitter. That should come as a shock to absolutely no one, at least not if you've been reading my stuff for more than a day and a half. Yesterday I dropped a quote from Leon: The Professional over there… Continue reading Everyone!

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More cities get Simpson-ized

Apparently New York City wasn't the only metropolitan area to be targeted by 20th Century Fox for large-scale Simpsons Movie promotions. From Reuters/THR: In Los Angeles, holiday elves wearing yellow Santa hats will hand out pink-frosted D'oh!Nut sprinkles, Homer's favorite treat, to commuters downtown, while in Hollywood a "Simpsons" holiday spectacular will boast inflatable Homer… Continue reading More cities get Simpson-ized


Firefly, the way it was meant to be seen

Zatz Not Funny! Prescription for TV Networks To Weather the Writers Strike The idea of resurrecting some of these great shows that were killed before their prime to fill in the strike-created gap is kind of brilliant. And it would help DVD sales to boot.


Google V. Microsoft: Let’s get ready to rummmblllle!

Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft - New York Times This passage struck me as I was reading this piece: "The growing confrontation between Google and Microsoft promises to be an epic business battle." Not if Microsoft shows up two days late, which seems to be the trend to date.

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Paramount, Hammer looking for new distribution platforms

On the same day (more or less) we get two stories about movies being distributed online in new and inventive ways. First, there's the widely discussed decision by Paramount and MTV to make Jackass 2.5 available through the Blockbuster-owned MovieLink exclusively for a week before releasing it into theaters. The movie will stream there for… Continue reading Paramount, Hammer looking for new distribution platforms

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: I Am Legend

I’ll be honest with you right from the start here. Movies about viruses scare the living crap out of me. I yawn at chainsaws and claws and most everything else that populates horror films, but make a movie about killer flu or something and I am, quite frankly, creeped the hell out. So while I… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: I Am Legend

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What Would Chris Read?

Since MMM is as much about marketing as it is movies I thought I'd share with you the post I put up over on OTD where I list what social media marketing books I have on my shelf. There are a bunch of good books on the list that you should definitely be checking out… Continue reading What Would Chris Read?

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MMM notes

Just a few quick house-keeping notes. First, I'm considering doing away with the "Quick Takes" posts and just pushing those items I don't feel moved to write full posts on to my Shared Items link blog through Google Reader. I re-installed that widget over on the right. There are advantages to both and downsides to… Continue reading MMM notes