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Ask A Ninja takes on the Writer’s Strike

Until I settle in for the day here's Ask A Ninja offering some friendly advice and encouragement to the writer's as they continue their strike.


Book Review: Now is Gone

When I got back into the office from a trip to The Garden State a couple weeks ago there on my desk was a package. Hmmm, I thought. I'd already gotten this month's Bloggers Gone Wild: Spring Break WOOOO!!! Edition VHS and everyone I know had already tried to assassinate me. So I was curious… Continue reading Book Review: Now is Gone

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Quick Takes: 11/24/07

Variety has a profile piece up about Peggy Siegal who is, apparently, an incredibly in-demand publicity person in New York City when it comes to films. Seigal specializes in organizing parties, screenings and other events for the studios to help raise the buzz-o-meter on specialty films that might be flying under the radar of large… Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/24/07

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Blockbuster testing $1 rental kiosks

It makes complete sense to me that Blockbuster would want to get into the DVD kiosk business. The chain is apparently doing just that, testing a handful of kiosks in Papa John's pizza places and Dollar Store locations in Kentucky. The DVD rentals cost just $1, the same price other kiosk operators charge, and discs… Continue reading Blockbuster testing $1 rental kiosks

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In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday I wanted to highlight what I'm thankful for online. The biggest thing is the roster of people whose stuff I read everyday. I could try to list them here but it would take all day. Unlike some other movie writers, I spend a fair amount of my time… Continue reading Sharing

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The distruptive emergence of a new entertainment model

Patrick Goldstein has a great article up in the Los Angeles Times in which he foresees a not-too-distant future where writes-producers realize they don't actually need the studios to bankroll their visions. Instead, he predicts, they will find the freedom of internet distribution alluring and create their own media brands (much like bloggers of all… Continue reading The distruptive emergence of a new entertainment model

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Quick Takes: 11/21/07

Studios are anticipating a slate of high-profile - and therefore expensive to buy up - movies to be scheduled for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. A schedule heavy with movie-star movies could bring out major studios, not just buyers from the smaller studios. Universal is partnering with VUDU to make the entire Jason Bourne trilogy… Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/21/07

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Watchmen mini-movies coming

CHUD is reporting that Watchmen director Zach Snyder plans on shooting some of the graphic novel's "aside" stories as separate films. The idea, of course, is to satisfy fans of the book who would likely be upset - and vocally so - at those aspects of the story being dropped from the film. This is… Continue reading Watchmen mini-movies coming

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“Movies – Ruining the book since 1920”

Kevin Dugan shot me this link to a Threadless t-shirt that is teh funny.

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