• Okay, we know that Facebook took out the “is” from its status field, and with the ability for Twitter and other services to the platform, that was a no brainer. That said, I would love to know why Mashable didn’t get more responses to this survey from last week. Of course, the audience of Mashable doesn’t encompass the overall usership of a Facebook or another service, but still. I’d love to have that survey done through “regular” (read: non Web 2.0 workers) users. (TB)
  • Guitar Hero does indeed blend, as Gizmodo points out. (TB)
  • Marijean Jaggers is advising everyone that they better get on the RSS delivery bandwagon because she just unsubscribed from all her email newsletters. (CT)
  • Steve Outing at Poynter suggests news operations should setup Twitter feeds for breaking news, something journalists in the field can use to share short little updates on developing stories. (CT)
  • Kevin Dugan says if your press release is more than 22 words long Google’s going to ignore it, so keep it brief or be prepared for zero search love. (CT)
  • Cory at Lost Remote takes up the issue I was discussing the other day of why newspapers and other online pubs don’t link out. (CT)
  • Ben McConnell makes my day with this list of ways to tell you have too much money in the marketing budget. (CT)

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  1. Hey thanks for the link, and for the RSS feed so that I can read your blog with all the found time I have no longer reading e-mail I don’t want. 😉

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