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The power of Rogen

Rogen meets Huey? Very cool news as I'm a big HL&N fan as well as a fan of Rogen's movies.


LOTD: 11/27/08

Okay, we know that Facebook took out the "is" from its status field, and with the ability for Twitter and other services to the platform, that was a no brainer. That said, I would love to know why Mashable didn't get more responses to this survey from last week. Of course, the audience of Mashable… Continue reading LOTD: 11/27/08

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Quick Takes: 11/27/07

Karina is wondering what exactly the thinking is behind the names included on Warner Bros.' "For Your Consideration" ad for The Assassination of Jesse James. Seems to be some odd exclusions, I agree. Speaking of Oscar nomination ad buying, Don Day at Lost Remote wonders if the huge ad units on The Hollywood Reporter allow… Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/27/07