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Quick Takes: 11/24/07

Variety has a profile piece up about Peggy Siegal who is, apparently, an incredibly in-demand publicity person in New York City when it comes to films. Seigal specializes in organizing parties, screenings and other events for the studios to help raise the buzz-o-meter on specialty films that might be flying under the radar of large… Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/24/07

Film Distribution

Blockbuster testing $1 rental kiosks

It makes complete sense to me that Blockbuster would want to get into the DVD kiosk business. The chain is apparently doing just that, testing a handful of kiosks in Papa John's pizza places and Dollar Store locations in Kentucky. The DVD rentals cost just $1, the same price other kiosk operators charge, and discs… Continue reading Blockbuster testing $1 rental kiosks