In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday I wanted to highlight what I’m thankful for online. The biggest thing is the roster of people whose stuff I read everyday. I could try to list them here but it would take all day.

Unlike some other movie writers, I spend a fair amount of my time reading marketing sites and blogs since that is not only interesting to me but it’s the world I work in. And unlike a number of marketing writers, I read a bunch of movie sites since that’s interesting to me. The mix of those worlds is what make Movie Marketing Madness what it is and it would be a poorer site without it.

So instead of just a list I decided to share here an OPML file of my RSS reading list. I purged it of some personal and work-related stuff, but other than this this is a compilation of all 588 feeds I skim through daily. If you use RSS you can download this file and it this in to your reader of choice. If you’re not hooked into RSS I encourage you to watch the video below, “RSS in Plain English” from CommonCraft.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all,


One thought on “Sharing

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing. In Januari I’ll start writing my thesis here at at Warner Home Video Benelux, (started searching for a subject this week). I’m sure this’ll come in handy.

    Happy thanksgiving.

    Kind regards,


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