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The distruptive emergence of a new entertainment model

Patrick Goldstein has a great article up in the Los Angeles Times in which he foresees a not-too-distant future where writes-producers realize they don't actually need the studios to bankroll their visions. Instead, he predicts, they will find the freedom of internet distribution alluring and create their own media brands (much like bloggers of all… Continue reading The distruptive emergence of a new entertainment model

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Quick Takes: 11/21/07

Studios are anticipating a slate of high-profile - and therefore expensive to buy up - movies to be scheduled for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. A schedule heavy with movie-star movies could bring out major studios, not just buyers from the smaller studios. Universal is partnering with VUDU to make the entire Jason Bourne trilogy… Continue reading Quick Takes: 11/21/07

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Watchmen mini-movies coming

CHUD is reporting that Watchmen director Zach Snyder plans on shooting some of the graphic novel's "aside" stories as separate films. The idea, of course, is to satisfy fans of the book who would likely be upset - and vocally so - at those aspects of the story being dropped from the film. This is… Continue reading Watchmen mini-movies coming