Quick Takes: 11/18/07

  • filmstrip.jpgStudios aren’t quite sure what to do with the buzz around certain films. On the one hand they’re thrilled people like their movies but on the other they don’t want it to look like their movie is a shoe-in, something that could lead to a backlash.
  • $1.9 million is what studios say they lost in 2006 because of high production costs. This bit of news is in no way related to the ongoing writer’s strike. Not at all. You should be ashamed for even thinking it.
  • Web videos are gaining more and more of people’s attention. Are you listening?
  • The CEO of Blockbuster says the company can actually survive in the digital movie delivery age as long as it can keep its name synonymous with movie rentals.
  • Studios are hoping their winter field of films is strong enough to turn around a fall that ended well behind other years. The slate of releases, though, doesn’t have quite enough high-tier crowd pleasers to make that a slam-dunk.