Smith taps Rogen, Banks for Porno

Seth Rogen set to 'Make a Porno' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety Not that I wasn't already going to see this already since I'm a big Kevin Smith fan, but the casting of Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks clinches it. Story revolves around two lifelong platonic friends who are deep in debt… Continue reading Smith taps Rogen, Banks for Porno

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Cathartic cooking

Torture That Red Guy: Throwzini's Knife Block Stores Cutlery on Wheel of Death This is the must-have holiday gift for that person you know who loves to cook and just found his/her girlfriend/boyfriend of three years was cheating the whole time/is married/decided they were gay.

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MMM joins the Peerflix Media Network

I've always been looking for an ad strategy here on MMM. I never wanted to push it into the realm of annoying for the reader but just was looking for MMM to pay its way in terms of hosting and such and maybe make a little coffee money on the side. Right now that's been… Continue reading MMM joins the Peerflix Media Network