static5.jpgAs one person on a panel discussion says, online efforts are now becoming the starting point, the centerpiece and the hub of marketing campaigns. That’s the central idea of a new media shift that is less about reach and more about reaching the right people with the right message, something that marketing and promotional partners can help you achieve.

Add to that the increasing budget share online is getting. Some of that money is new and some is being shifted there from other media. But the seven to 10 percent that’s common now is nothing compared to what is going to be coming down the pipe in the next couple years as the media consumption habits of people are recognized as a trend and not as an anomaly.

Despite that shift, a variety of factors contribute to most online campaigns not getting launched or completed on schedule.  That’s not surprising to me since I see a lot of movie sites that still have “Coming Soon” sections the week the movie’s released. Plus, if you’re changing your website content once a week you need an RSS feed. Now.

As you strive to reach a local audience – something that perpetually seems to be the holy grail – don’t forget about radio. But radio has to adapt to the times and go digital to reach that local audience. Otherwise everyone is spinning their wheels.