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Embracing your citizen marketers

In their book Citizen Marketers, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba told the familiar story of an ordinary, non-marketing guy who was so in love with the iPod that he created his own commercial and posted it online. That user-generated spot created a tremendous amount of recognition and press coverage, despite - or maybe because of… Continue reading Embracing your citizen marketers

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Finding the value in promoting others

There's a really interesting story in Editor & Publisher about the lack of recognition given to online news reporting. While that point alone has probably spawned a dozen panel sessions it was one line later in Pauline Millard's piece that caught my eye:"By nature, they (newspaper people) are not shameless self-promoters."Compare that attitude to the… Continue reading Finding the value in promoting others


LOTD: 10/26/07 has relaunched with a new look and, I think, greatly improved navigation. (CT)Yahoo has decided there are more sites on the Internet than just those it's created and runs and so has begun linking out from its homepage. Of course those getting the link-love are the ones with syndication partnerships with Yahoo, but it's… Continue reading LOTD: 10/26/07

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Movie Marketing Madness: Dan in Real Life

Steve Carell has yet to fully prove himself as a leading man on his own. Most of his film success has come to date as a sidekick to a leading man like Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell or someone else. One of the two times he was asked to carry a movie was The 40 Year… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Dan in Real Life

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Indie films finding success hard to come by this fall

Both Variety and the Los Angeles Times have stories in the last couple days about the difficult environment smaller, independent and non-mainstream films are finding themselves in this fall. As the VAR story says, smaller movies that don't have the huge marketing resources of a big-budget blockbuster rely largely on the festivals earlier in the… Continue reading Indie films finding success hard to come by this fall

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Quick Takes: 10/24/07

Whitney at PopCandy says New York City is lousy with posters for Love in the Time of Cholera. Obviously this is going to be more heavily marketed on the coasts than it is here in Chicago or othe areas. Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti will promote Fred Claus with an appearance on Comedy Central's "Reel… Continue reading Quick Takes: 10/24/07

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New Burns film gets iTunes debut

Ken Ed Burns is trying to break the current theatrical business model. He's distributing his latest film, Purple Violets, exclusively through iTunes, reports The New York Times. The move comes on the heels of Fox Searchlight's distribution of Hotel Chevalier for free through iTunes. While iTunes has been shunned by almost all the major studios… Continue reading New Burns film gets iTunes debut


LOTD: 10/23/07

StumbleUpon is launching a new "social search" function that builds on its recommendation engine that seeks to add the human factor to the more sterile search world. (CT) Sioux Gateway Airport has stopped tilting at windmills and accepted the fact that it SUX. The airport is using the airport's acronym as part of a new… Continue reading LOTD: 10/23/07

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Tapping into niche audience key to Lust, Caution’s fortunes

With mass market success largely out of reach, the ability of Focus Features to tap into the appropriate niche audiences will be what decides the success or failure of Lust, Caution, the latest feature from director Ang Lee. That's the theme of this story on the movie in AdAge. As the story points out, the… Continue reading Tapping into niche audience key to Lust, Caution’s fortunes

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Quick Takes 10/22/07

John looks at the screwed up business model driving the theatrical exhibition industry. Following up on the in-theater ad report from last week comes news that frequent movie patrons show up to the theater 16 percent earlier than their occasional counterparts. Feature film directors are taking jobs shooting commercials in part because those spots get… Continue reading Quick Takes 10/22/07