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Opening dialogues elsewhere for the next couple days

I mentioned this over on my personal site but wanted to mention here as well that tomorrow - Thursday - and Friday I will be attending the Forrester Consumer conference here in Chicago. Peter Kim was nice enough to invite me not only to attend but also to help blog the event over at the [...]

Makin' the Funny

Solving the shopping problem

Retail is broken. You may not think it is, but it really is. I've been doing some thinking regarding my shopping habits and find that there are many different stores, be they physical or online, where things that I need are available. If I were to create a graphic of where I need to shop [...]

Site Blather

Attending and blogging from Forrester’s Consumer Forum 2007

Blogging here will likely be light the next couple days as I'll be attending the Forrester Consumer Forum that's going on here in Chicago. Not only that, but at the invitation of Peter Kim I'll also be contributing to the Forrester blog, talking about the sessions I sit in on and other such things. Some [...]