Mellencamp takes on the Jena Six

Great new song - and video - from John Mellencamp on the Jena Six in particular and racism in general. Looking forward to another new album from him.


Indulging the inner Star Wars nerd

A group of Star Wars/model plane enthusiasts built a 21-foot replica of an X-Wing and launched it. Gizmodo has video of the launch and subsequent blowing apart. What strikes me the most is how the real life disintegration so closely matches the movie. Someone built a desk to resemble a Tie Fighter.  If they made… Continue reading Indulging the inner Star Wars nerd

Movie Marketing, Quick Takes

Quick Takes 10/8/07

Bill points out that the folks doing the 30 Days of Night game for Sony could have enlisted just one more proof reader before going live. Oops. There's a music video for Bee Movie that's going to debut on Nickelodeon this coming Monday, the 8th. Christopher Campbell at Cinematical revisits the topic of providing incentives… Continue reading Quick Takes 10/8/07


LOTD: 10/8/07

IBM and Google are teaming to bring "cloud" processor clustering to college campuses. When reached for comment on cloud computing the average college sophomore thought we were referring to the haze that lingers in his dorm room long after Friday night has passed. (CT) Both Toyota and Burger King are operating under the opinion it's… Continue reading LOTD: 10/8/07