LOTD: 10/3/07

I'm actually giddy about the fact that Matt Drudge has apparently stopped hotlinking. I've only been hoping for this since 2004. (TB) Fake Steve Jobs is going on tour to promote his book. This has the potential to turn out very, very poorly and I'm fairly certain that's what I'm hoping for, like watching to… Continue reading LOTD: 10/3/07

Movie Marketing, Quick Takes

Quick Takes: 10/3/07

The opinion of a Lehman Brothers analyst is that online episodic video is a growth field. Studios and their marketers should pay attention to that, since episodic video installments can be an interesting way to build buzz - and backstory - for a movie as it nears theatrical release. Yari Film Group is one of… Continue reading Quick Takes: 10/3/07


Safe at home

Two headlines recently appeared within minutes of each other in my Google Reader feeds. Barnes & Noble.com revamps home pageDo home pages have a place in Web 2.0's future?I love it when things like this happen. I really do. Because it shows that at the same time one party is trying its best to adapt… Continue reading Safe at home