LOTD: 10/1/07

  • A new academic paper mentioned by PaidContent talks about marketing in the social media space, looking at the issue from the perspective of trying to fit in with an existing community, something that’s going to lessen the odds of the marketer being beaten to death with a computer mouse. (CT)
  • Ning founder Marc Andreessen talks about why his build-your-own social network software has managed to attract over 100,000 such networks. While still a far cry from MySpace and others, it’s a great example of someone actually meeting a market need, something that’s becoming increasingly rare in the Web 2.0 space. (CT)
  • Radiohead is allowing people to set their own price for the digital download version of its new album, something that’s bringing headlines of changing record industry business models and such. I’d agree, but don’t actually. (CT)
  • Techmeme is launching a blog ranking system called Leaderboard, showing the top blogs that appear most often on Techmeme. So it’s a list of a blog’s importance based on appealing to the audience of one particular social news site. Within that space that brings value (to some extent) but that’s not transferable outside of the Techmeme community. (CT)
  • The fact that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales created an entry that was then deleted because it didn’t meet the criteria for being important has started a bit of a kerfluffle. There’s not a single part of this story that didn’t have me cackling with glee not unlike that exhibited by the Emporer when Luke went for the lightsaber. (CT)
  • Dear Companies Everywhere: Don’t just go and grab a picture from Flickr without getting the owner’s permission. You’ll get screwed. Sincerely, The Internet. (CT)
  • Engadget’s Ryan Block has posted a well-worded letter to both Apple and its iPhone-bricking worried customers regarding the 1.1.1 update that the company just released. (TB)

By Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.