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Ensuring there’s no audience

Hardball - Chicago Sports - Blogs. The MLB has scheduled the two playoff games between the Cubs and the Diamondbacks played in Arizona for a 9:30 PM Central first pitch. Great idea. That way no one will watch it AND the scores, in all likelihood, will be in too late for the early newspapers. Way… Continue reading Ensuring there’s no audience


Why buy just one when two are super?

As seen on a magazine rack at Miami International Airport.

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This ad campaign is like an ice-pick to the head

It's funny that the WSJ has a story today about "ad fatigue," the problem that occurs when one person sees the same ad over and over again to the point that they no longer are effected by it but actually come to loathe the product being advertised. That's exactly what's happening to me with Showtime's… Continue reading This ad campaign is like an ice-pick to the head


“Why isn’t there a Terminal 4?”

Someone on the shuttle train from Economy Parking to the O'Hare terminals actually asked another member of their group why there was no Terminal 4 at the airport. If they read Chicagoist later that day they would have found their question answered.

Baseball, Chicago

Cubs winter vacation delayed by at least a week

So while I was at BlogOrlando the Cubs clinched the NL Central and will now face the Diamondbacks in the first round of the playoffs. Actually, they didn't so much clinch it as they managed not to lose enough games to fall out of contention. It's always vaguely disappointing when you have to wait to… Continue reading Cubs winter vacation delayed by at least a week


LOTD: 10/1/07

A new academic paper mentioned by PaidContent talks about marketing in the social media space, looking at the issue from the perspective of trying to fit in with an existing community, something that's going to lessen the odds of the marketer being beaten to death with a computer mouse. (CT) Ning founder Marc Andreessen talks… Continue reading LOTD: 10/1/07


Smart people + Good conversation = BlogOrlando 2007

There's so much to say about BlogOrlando that it's kind of impossible to sum it up even in an extended blog post. The event was an absolute blast, presenting me the opportunity to finally meet some of the people I've gotten to know online over the last couple years for the first time, meet some… Continue reading Smart people + Good conversation = BlogOrlando 2007

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BlogOrlando notes write-up

I finally got around to expanding and formatting my notes from the sessions I attended at BlogOrlando and they're now up over at OpentheDialogue (my work blog, for those who don't know). I think it was an absolutely great event that cemented my belief that for as valuable as social network connections, emails, links, comments… Continue reading BlogOrlando notes write-up