Quick Takes: 9/26/07

  • filmstrip.jpgWatchmen directory Zach Snyder has posted a video greeting from the set of the movie that, while interesting, doesn’t include any glimpses from the film so you can all settle down, thank you very much.
  • The issue of Lust, Caution and the MPAA gets another look from the LA Times, taking the point of view that the ratings board is a bunch of wankers who see sex as more fundamentally damaging to society than graphic, graphic violence. Can’t say as I disagree.
  • Alex is thinking out loud about the shift in release date for Grace is Gone and wondering about the state of anti-war films in general.
  • GalleyCat says Oprah’s next Book Club pick could be Love in the Time of Cholera, which should give the upcoming movie adaptation a nice bounce.
  • JoBlo has new posters for The Oxford Murders (nice) and Bordertown (laughable).

Off to Orlando

blogorlando.JPGSo I’ve got one more Quick Takes post queued up for later tonight and then will be off to BlogOrlando for the next couple of days. That means posting will be even lighter than it has been recently. I’ll likely be doing some event-blogging both here and at my work blog, OpenTheDialogue, from the shindig, which is likely going to be a lot of fun.

While I’m flying here and there I’m going to try and get a few things written, including an MMM column on The Darjeeling Limited and more.

See you on the other side.

LOTD 9/26/07

  • Following up on Tom’s post with advice to Netflix from a few days ago, Ron at Grok says Netflix has implemented some of the changes to its website that he originally advocated. Despite the fact that Ron says no one from Netflix actually contacted him it seems that someone was at least listening.
  • Joe Jaffe wonders where the blogger outreach by the big players covering Advertising Week gone and disappeared to.
  • Armani is opening a location in Second Life. Did they not get the memo that brands we had moved from “rush into” to “abandon” mode when it comes to SL?
  • The Onion, as usual, kills me. “Google Launches ‘The Google’ for Older Adults.”