Quick Takes 9/25/07

  • filmstrip.jpgIFC Films has tapped two films of theirs to to break the release window by hitting theater screens and video-on-demand at the same time. Far from two also-rans, these flicks star known names and are generally anticipated by movie lovers.
  • Nikke Fine points out the constant barrage of hinder-covering by The Weinstein Co. and MGM as the two companies fight over who’s not to blame for the failure of various sub-par movies they’ve released.
  • A whole bunch of 2008’s biggest movies are getting promotional help from candymakers and you can see what got unveiled at the Chicago All Candy Expo here.
  • Universal is launching its own mobile platform – bypassing carrier decks – that will allow it to offer downloads and digital promotional content directly to consumers. The studio is making the move to retain control over how and where its content appears.
  • John points out that the just-announced release date for Transformers 2 is more or less meaningless since no one has any idea when production is actually scheduled to start.