• filmstrip.jpgMGM is partnering with DirecTV to make more than 4,000 of the titles in the studio’s library available over a new stand-alone cable network dubbed MGM HD. The channel will only be available from the satellite provider.
  • Chicagoist has a run down of some of the films that will be shown during the Chicago International Film Festival after stirring up a hornet’s nest by pointing out last week that no one had released a schedule.
  • Dreamworks Animation has blinked and will move the release of Monsters vs. Aliens to March from its original May 2008 opening. The shift comes as the studio decided it’s not worth going head-to-head with James Cameron’s animated film Avatar, which also planted its flag in late May.
  • If you were among those who saw the marriage of Paramount and Dreamworks not ending well, you’re likely about to be proven right. Execs from the two entities have played out their frustrations with each other in the press in recent days and things are likely to get worse before they get better.
  • Looks like Hollywood studios may have finally gotten their act together and approved a standard for allowing people to burn DVDs and back-ups of movies they have legally purchased. Shocking.

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One thought on “Quick Takes 9/20/07

  1. Nice updates. However, James Cameron’s Avatar is not animated. While 60% is CGI, there is significant live action footage. To call the whole movie animated throws it into the same camp as “Monsters vs. Aliens” which is inaccurate to say the least. Completely different genres of movies.

    Read more about Avatar and Cameron’s 3D technology on my blog:

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