• static.jpgPhil Gomes is, according to an earlier Twitter, bringing out all the Huey Lewis fans in the audience with this post about how it’s much better to be good than popular, and uses a Scene from American Psycho to prove his point.
  • Joe Jaffe emphasizes the need to unplug from the Matrix every now and again, laying out how he’s going to try and balance work and life, cause the two are very different things.
  • I completely echo everything in this post from David Armano on the benefits, intentional or otherwise, from living in the overlap.
  • Ian Schafer points out that Deep Focus was one of those who was participating in the testing of Google Gadget Ads, using them for the online campaign for Kickin’ It Old School.
  • Scott Kirsner recaps the panel on digital downloading he moderated. Looks like it was a good one, which should really be shocking to no one.
  • The issue of “Does WB know how to market Jesse James?” gets another look by Karina Longworth, complete with a quote (cause she asked for it) from yours truly.
  • Steve Hall has officially taken the wraps off of his marketer-focuses social network AdGabber.

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