Making newspapers relevant

I'm not going to qualify this statement by picking either print or digital formats because really, the issue of bring relevance to newspapers in the minds of younger (and even older) readers is platform-agnostic. That being said, I'd like to make point out once again that every newspaper needs someone like Pete Vonder Haar on… Continue reading Making newspapers relevant


LOTD: 9/7/07

Jaffe is announcing some changes at crayon, including the exiting of CC Chapman, and the agency's refocusing on being more of a consultancy, pushing for thought leadership and vision definition for its clients. (CT) AOL has made official the rumors that have been circulating and is all-but killing Netscape as a social news site, turning… Continue reading LOTD: 9/7/07

Film Distribution

Hollywood, Apple don’t see eye to eye

I've not commented on the decision by NBC Universal to pull their TV shows from the iTunes store here on MMM because I couldn't quite figure out what to say. But this Variety story has me thinking and here's the conclusion I've come to: Any media company that doesn't drop down on their knees and… Continue reading Hollywood, Apple don’t see eye to eye