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Kirsner’s digital distribution and marketing class

If you're in San Francisco I'd highly recommend attending the session being taught by Scott Kirsner on Digital Distribution and Marketing at the Film Arts Foundation on October 11th. Being a fan of Scott's writing I would bet that his class is just as engaging and interesting.

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Quick Takes 8/31/07

An influx of new players in the independent film market have people wondering if there's too much money being thrown around and if this world is headed for a bursting bubble of sorts. Investors, once generous with their money, are beginning to cut back the flow of funds but some hope movies could take the… Continue reading Quick Takes 8/31/07

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Summer was hard on smaller movies

Small movies from independent distributors fared reasonably well considering they were up against a stronger than usual mainstream slate, according to Variety. Fox Searchlight and The Weinstein Co. pulled out a handful of movies that brought in decent box-office. But the fact that bigger movies stuck around in theaters for longer than in previous years… Continue reading Summer was hard on smaller movies


LOTD: 9/4/07

The WSJ's Riva Richmond is calling the move by, oh, I don't know, *everyone* to create a Facebook app "another online gold rush." (TB) Dear Twitter: Please devote more resources to keeping your service stable before you start building cool little toys like Explore Twitter. Regards, Chris. (CT) Looks like Google might be maybe getting… Continue reading LOTD: 9/4/07

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More Across the Sound goodness

Joe Jaffe just posted Part 2 of my chat with him and Kirk Skodis on the Across the Sound podcast. Go on over and check it out. Once again - those two are the ones who sound like they can put two words together without sounding idiotic. I'm the one who makes you think, "I'm… Continue reading More Across the Sound goodness