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The Biro signs off of WIN

Tom Biro, who welcomed me to the AdJab fold, eventually turned over the reins of that site to me and then even later on brought me on board MWW Group, has announced he's official left the Weblogs, Inc. payroll. WIN runs sites like TVSquad, Cinematical and, before AOL ditched it, AdJab. Tom has a good… Continue reading The Biro signs off of WIN

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Celebrities: Just like us, only better

If you're a Cubs fan like myself than you (hopefully) accepted the fact that all the Tommy John surgeries in the world (not a reference to how many he could have, but actually did have) would not bring Kerry Wood's arm back to what we all hoped it would be. I don't even say "what… Continue reading Celebrities: Just like us, only better

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Quick Takes 8/27/07

NYMag's Vulture blog points out that that the score from Terry Gilliam's Brazil seems to be popping up in, seemingly, one out of every four trailers that's been released recently. Sicko, Bee Movie, Wall-E and others have all used Michael Kamen's score for some strange reason. Peter points to an article talking about how movies… Continue reading Quick Takes 8/27/07


LOTD: 8/27/07

Well, now that LOLcats can be officially designated as passe by their inclusion in the WSJ this weekend... (TB) On that list of news you don't want to see floating around the blogosphere regarding your vehicles, this item at AutoblogGreen is probably in the top two or three items, whether or not it's 100% legit… Continue reading LOTD: 8/27/07

Friends of Thilk, Quick Takes

Quick Takes 8/27/07: Friends of MMM Update

Clyde bids adieu to blogging at Fast Company in order to focus on expanding and getting the most out of his own network of sites. I completely understand the desire to hone in on building out a personal brand and when you do it as well as Clyde it makes complete sense. CK has used… Continue reading Quick Takes 8/27/07: Friends of MMM Update


Titles are your friends

Dear Eric Zorn, Chris and I really love you and your blog. Just one piece of feedback I'd like to share after seeing this gem of a post title earlier today (for link click slackers, it's "The call is coming from inside the house!!!!"), I wanted to point out that if you'd get the fine… Continue reading Titles are your friends

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More on Starbucks and Arctic Tale

The Los Angeles Times has another story today about the failure of a promotional deal with Starbucks to ignite ticket sales for Arctic Tale. I'm actually quoted at the end of this one, getting in a brief point about the difficulties inherent in trying to get someone to do something at a later date. The… Continue reading More on Starbucks and Arctic Tale

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Listen at your own risk

Over the weekend, in-between cutting up the tree that fell in my backyard and preparing for my home's siding to be replaced, I participated in a three-way conversation with Joseph Jaffe and Kirk Skodis for the latest episode of Joe's Across the Sound podcast. We talked a lot about movie marketing, some entertainment trends and… Continue reading Listen at your own risk


LOTD: 8/24/07

Yeah, that's right, the kid hacking the iPhone and getting it to work on T-Mobile is from New Jersey. You know you're jealous. (TB) Am I the only one that thinks Nielsen's idea of using participants in its new social network venture as a panel of sorts is a tremendously bad idea? (CT) It's always… Continue reading LOTD: 8/24/07

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Pownce Challenge reminder

24 hours later and still no takers on my offer of a Pownce account and help in integrating it into a movie marketing campaign. Remember - this is open to anyone involved in a movie's marketing efforts. Just drop me a line and I'll set you up with a Pownce invite and provide a bit… Continue reading Pownce Challenge reminder