I’m going to take a minute and give some props to the people who make MMM possible and who really and truly need to be on your reading list. Blogging, as much fun as it is, is often hard work, especially when you’re fitting it into your day job’s responsibilities and having a family and other things like that. This may seem easy but it’s actually work in some regards – and there are people out there who are cranking out quality work on a regular basis. Do them a favor and leave a comment, drop an email or some how let them know you appreciate the stuff they publish, whether it be something you read for work or for pleasure. This was inspired by John’s post, picked up by Alex.

And those are just the folks in my Entertainment folder. I could go on and on with a whole other list – and maybe I’ll do just that – of marketing gurus. Again – Just go show them some love. You might hit them on a day when they’re not exactly in the best mood and your note might give them the encouragement they need.

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