I’m going to take a minute and give some props to the people who make MMM possible and who really and truly need to be on your reading list. Blogging, as much fun as it is, is often hard work, especially when you’re fitting it into your day job’s responsibilities and having a family and other things like that. This may seem easy but it’s actually work in some regards – and there are people out there who are cranking out quality work on a regular basis. Do them a favor and leave a comment, drop an email or some how let them know you appreciate the stuff they publish, whether it be something you read for work or for pleasure. This was inspired by John’s post, picked up by Alex.

And those are just the folks in my Entertainment folder. I could go on and on with a whole other list – and maybe I’ll do just that – of marketing gurus. Again – Just go show them some love. You might hit them on a day when they’re not exactly in the best mood and your note might give them the encouragement they need.

LOTD: 8/20/07

  • Why is it the fact that a Windows patch was determined to be the cause of the massive Skype outage last week has me cackling in a manner not unlike a Bond villain? (CT)
  • Really? Marketers have yet to figure out a good model for advertising to or working with social networks? Where have I read this before…oh that’s right: Everywhere. (CT)
  • Steve Safran has an excellent point of view on how Fox Television just snatched the reins of control from its affiliate stations by more or less commanding them to implement a new CRM/ad platform. (CT)
  • Toby at Diva Marketing interviews the editor of the recently launched Voices of Chrysler blog on how they respond to reader input and other issues related to running a corporate blog. (CT)
  • The Daily Herald, which publishes a ton of local editions in the Chicago suburbs, is probably watching closely the Tribune’s experiment in turning its content into hyper-local print editions. (CT)
  • There’s a whole blog devoted to new and inventive ways to say “Thanks for the add.” I love the Internet. (CT)
  • Stephen J. Dubner addresses the switch to partial feeds on the Freakonomics blog after the NYTimes integrated it into their site. (CT)

Is this part of Putin’s good soul?

Russian long-range bombers back on patrol —

Is anyone paying attention to the fact that Russia seems to be doing everything it can to bring back the good old days of the Cold War? About the only thing missing is the shipping of warheads to Cuba. Come ON!