Friends of Thilk, Site Blather


I'm going to take a minute and give some props to the people who make MMM possible and who really and truly need to be on your reading list. Blogging, as much fun as it is, is often hard work, especially when you're fitting it into your day job's responsibilities and having a family and… Continue reading Shout-outs


LOTD: 8/20/07

Why is it the fact that a Windows patch was determined to be the cause of the massive Skype outage last week has me cackling in a manner not unlike a Bond villain? (CT) Really? Marketers have yet to figure out a good model for advertising to or working with social networks? Where have I… Continue reading LOTD: 8/20/07


Is this part of Putin’s good soul?

Russian long-range bombers back on patrol -- Is anyone paying attention to the fact that Russia seems to be doing everything it can to bring back the good old days of the Cold War? About the only thing missing is the shipping of warheads to Cuba. Come ON!