vidshadow.JPGVidshadow, one of the kajillion video-sharing sites currently on the internet, is taking an active role in the production and marketing of the new Danny DeVito film No Place Like Home, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Vidshadow will be producing 12 weekly videos that feature behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting of the movie. Those videos will be hosted on a microsite created by Vidshadow. The opening sequence for the movie will be shot by a Vidshadow contributor and a video on the site will be featured in the movie.

The site is committing some big bucks, a couple hundred thousand dollars, as part of the marketing and production budget, a number that’s likely to go up even more. Vidshadow plans on getting that money from selling product placement within the movie. They’ll also be running online ads on videos related to the movie.

Vidshadow will produce some of their own trailers for the movie that will be released online. Those spots could be nixed or at least redone by an eventual distribution studio once the film gets picked up. [via CINE]