• filmstrip2.jpgMicrosoft will be marketing Halo 3 not so much as a video game but as an entertainment event on par with a movie opening. That means massive promotional effort including tie-ins with Burger King, Pepsi, General Motors and other companies who usually only turn out for movies and such.
  • Turns out Blockbuster only paid $7 million to acquire Movielink. I’m serious. No really, that’s not a joke. Only $7 million. That’s nothing. If the studios who owned it had sold it for scrap they probably would have gotten that much just for the server space.
  • Ian Schafer, with his breakdown of online tools versus pure Web sites, might just have proven himself to be the smartest guy in the room.
  • Jeff Wells says there’s more to Shoot ‘Em Up than just action and gun-play. There’s actually a sly statement on violence and its usage in there that isn’t likely to be apparent to everyone. My desire to see the movie just went up dramatically.
  • James shares an online ad for the Julie Delpy-helmed romantic drama 2 Days in Paris.
  • Mark Cuban is offering a new broken-window movie release product to cable operators that he hopes will further prove out his concept that there’s a viable business model there and is using Brian DePalma’s film Redacted as his test subject.

2 thoughts on “Quick Takes: 8/10/07

  1. I called Jeff out on that article regarding what he read into Davis “true meaning” behind the movie. I met Davis the day after the premiere of Shoot ’em Up and Jeff is completely out to lunch.

    Davis was as excited about the movie as a kid at Christmas, no hidden innuendo B.S.

    Jeff just demonstrated the type of attitude and comment that led me to create Screen Rant.


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