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Why online folks hate Brett Ratner

I'm one of the online folks who contributed to this Los Angeles Times piece on why online film community despises director Brett Ratner. Some of the other guys who chimed in play down exactly how accurate the word "hate" might be I have no problem with it. Ratner is a soulless, talentless hack who, as… Continue reading Why online folks hate Brett Ratner

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VeZoom launches video search

Much like my pal C.C., I was invited to play around with the newly launched video search engine VeZoom recently. VeZoom's goal is to act as a one-stop shop for finding video from around the internet, unlike other portals that are focused on just what resides on their servers. As online video becomes more commonplace… Continue reading VeZoom launches video search


LOTD: 8/7/07

One of Wikipedia's administrators provides a handy checklist of tactics for brand/reputations managers to use when confronted with inaccurate or outright slanderous entries on those whose brand/reputations they manage. (CT) Mack Collier writes a love letter (deservedly) to Feedburner while outlining the ways FB tools can enhance your website. (CT)Both Jeremiah and Mike are talking… Continue reading LOTD: 8/7/07