Why online folks hate Brett Ratner

brett-ratner.jpgI’m one of the online folks who contributed to this Los Angeles Times piece on why online film community despises director Brett Ratner. Some of the other guys who chimed in play down exactly how accurate the word “hate” might be I have no problem with it. Ratner is a soulless, talentless hack who, as one of the guys said, managed to take just one movie to destroy what Bryan Singer had built in two with the X-Men franchise. I actually walked out of X-Men 3 mad. Look at the guy’s list of movies and you see the Rush Hour franchise and a bunch of movies other directors backed out of at the last minute, leaving Ratner to fill the void. He has no artistic vision other than to make himself giggle.

VeZoom launches video search

vezoom.jpgMuch like my pal C.C., I was invited to play around with the newly launched video search engine VeZoom recently. VeZoom’s goal is to act as a one-stop shop for finding video from around the internet, unlike other portals that are focused on just what resides on their servers. As online video becomes more commonplace on sites of all shapes and sizes video-vertical search engines like this are going to become more and more important to the user experience.

I’ll echo some of C.C’s comments here – some of the controls could stand to be more intuitive. When I ran a couple of searches (for movie trailers, natch) the results came up relatively quickly. When you click on a video to play, it opens in a popup window from the site the video is hosted on. If there’s one thing I’d add to the comments on what I’d like to see, it’s labeling of where the videos are coming from within the search results so I knew if I was clicking on a YouTube page, Newsweek video or anything else. That kind of information would definitely influence what I clicked on.

The site allows you to set up your own channel of videos and has various other features, such as a VeZoom Pipe that feeds new videos to your desktop or the VeZoom Strip that publishers can put on their sites to have videos fed to a sidebar. All very cool. Some of the functionality wasn’t exactly intuitive and some was quite slow, both I’d assume just because the site is still being put through its paces before being formally launched.

It’s good to see people trying new things and attempting to meet the needs of a diversified media world. VeZoom and other players in this space are all doing some interesting and fun things and, as I’ve said before, if this meets your needs than it’s going to be a welcome addition to the online world.

LOTD: 8/7/07

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