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Quick Takes 7/31/07

Seems that the success of The Simpsons Movie is proving to be good for 20th Century Fox as a whole. That's good news since Fox pulled out all the corporate stops to promote the flick. Blockbuster is looking at revising their bricks-and-mortar store strategy. The chain is playing with the idea of smaller stores that… Continue reading Quick Takes 7/31/07

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It hasn’t gotten better

Two weeks after going off on a rant about the horrible email pitches I got from people who obviously just plugged my email address into a blast email program, I wanted to update that and let you all know it has not gotten any better. This confirms my suspicion that the people pitching MMM aren't… Continue reading It hasn’t gotten better

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Expanding the community

Over the course of the last two years my view of Movie Marketing Madness has evolved quite a bit. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, MMM exists at the intersection of the movie and marketing worlds in terms of online communities. But most of the links to the site, I've noticed, come from marketing… Continue reading Expanding the community