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Quick Takes 7/29/07

  • filmstrip2.jpgBoingBoing links to a gallery of very cool Polish movie posters, a good number of which were made for American films.
  • The NYT covers the Film Forum’s NYC Noir series and the themes explored in these darker, grittier films.
  • Regarding the Chicago Film Critics/20th Century Fox flap, it appears the CFCA has come out and said that the LA Times story on the issue is wrong. You can read the correction the LAT published here. Peter Himler also offers his take on how reviews/access/embargoes are all tied together and how it’s all just one big mess.
  • Ford has signed a product placement deal with a new studio venture from the Weinstein Brothers and others.
  • Peter Chattaway puts way too much thought – but it’s good thought that might not have occurred to me or you – into the Star Trek series and how various plot holes keep appearing because Spock and Kirk pop up throughout the franchise.
  • Jane Austen’s stories remain popular because the issues she wrote about are truly timeless. In case you didn’t already realize this you can read the New York Times piece on the matter.
  • Cinematical says the studio behind Fanboys is holding an “Ultimate Star Wars Fanboy” contest.
  • David at AdFreak passes on yet another movie poster alteration effort, this time turning one-sheets into their fishy equivalents.
  • BloggingStocks declares Disney’s purchase of Pixar to, in the wake of Ratatouille, be totally worth the expense. The micro-studio, it says, is doing a better job than anyone else in carrying on the larger studio’s tradition of entertainment.
  • I’ll believe that Southland Tales is actually getting released when it finally hits theaters. I maintain my skepticism despite the fact that the Richard Kelly film has been given a release date.
  • Kevin Dugan passed on someone’s post that analyzed the color usage in movie posters to me a while ago but I never got around to doing anything with it. Sorry Kev. I’m glad that Karina picked up the story.
  • Matt Damon got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just in time for the heart of the Bourne Ultimatum promotional push. Nice how those things usually work out like that.
  • Disney has decided to cut out smoking in its main studio films and will strongly discourage scenes with cigarettes in its Miramax and Touchstone films. But gratuitous sex and violence are still fine.
  • Dragon Wars, Saw IV, Bee Movie and The Mist all have new posters.
  • The makers of the Bratz toys say sales are up on the back of the film, a movie which Cinematical says is admittedly just a long-form commercial. James also has an online ad for the flick.