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Quick Takes 7/13/07

Chicagoist says that The Music Box theater, a Chicago landmark and a great place to see a movie, is getting into the distribution business. The owner of the theater has set up a division to acquire independent films, a move that is a natural fit for a house that has a reputation for showing such… Continue reading Quick Takes 7/13/07


Department of Probably Purely Coincidental News Stories

AdAge: Down is the New Flat for Magazines MediaBuyerPlanner: Newspapers Suffer Most in Ad Dollars Lost to the Internet Creative Loafing: Old media meets new realities at the AJC Jon Fine/BW: When Do You Stop the Presses? I'm sure there's absolutely new trend that can be determined, no matter how hard you might look, by… Continue reading Department of Probably Purely Coincidental News Stories

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Cuban should absolutely buy the Cubs

Cuban in the mix for Cubs, but does MLB want him? | Chicago Tribune I actually think the fact that it would honk of both Bud Selig AND Jerry Reinsdorf is the strongest argument you could possibly make for why Mark Cuban should be allowed to buy the Cubs from the Tribune. If Selig is… Continue reading Cuban should absolutely buy the Cubs

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Movie Marketing Madness: Interview

It's not often that someone who's so instantly recognizable is also most known for being a veritable chameleon of an actor. That, though, is exactly the case with Steve Buscemi. The guy does a great job of fully inhabiting the characters he takes on, from the hired killer of Fargo to the reluctant astronaut of… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Interview