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Quick Takes 7/3/07

The HD-DVD release of 300 will allow users to re-edit the film and share their customized versions online, reports MarketingVox. They'll also have access to trailers and other exclusive features. HD-DVD is seeking to revitalize itself as a next-gen format after a number of moves by other, including Blockbuster, that favor the rival Blu-ray format.… Continue reading Quick Takes 7/3/07


No jail time for Scooter

Soft on Crime - New York Times Pres. Bush's commuting of the jail sentence for Lewis "Scooter" Libby shows just where his - and VP Cheney's - priorities lie. The man was convicted of obstructing justice and sentenced appropriately, something prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald pointed out in his statement. Fitzgerald made it clear that justice is… Continue reading No jail time for Scooter

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LOLCats will save us all

I saw this and, after I finished wetting myself laughing so hard, decided to post it here. It's sort of movie-related...