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Quick Takes 7/3/07

The HD-DVD release of 300 will allow users to re-edit the film and share their customized versions online, reports MarketingVox. They'll also have access to trailers and other exclusive features. HD-DVD is seeking to revitalize itself as a next-gen format after a number of moves by other, including Blockbuster, that favor the rival Blu-ray format. [...]


No jail time for Scooter

Soft on Crime - New York Times Pres. Bush's commuting of the jail sentence for Lewis "Scooter" Libby shows just where his - and VP Cheney's - priorities lie. The man was convicted of obstructing justice and sentenced appropriately, something prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald pointed out in his statement. Fitzgerald made it clear that justice is [...]

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LOLCats will save us all

I saw this and, after I finished wetting myself laughing so hard, decided to post it here. It's sort of movie-related...