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Quick Takes 7/2/07

Jessica Simpson's dad/manager has reportedly lifted her new movie Blonde Ambition from the release schedule altogether after a number of stalls. Apparently she was distracted by shiny objects around her during the shoot and the movie is just no good at all. The NYT has more on the push by children's advocacy group's request that [...]

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Apple dares to make profit on iPhone

I'm normally a big fan of TechCrunch since it's the best single source if you want to stay up on what's happening in the tech/Web 2.0 world but occasionally Michael Arrington delves pretty deeply into desperation in order to try and make the site relevant. That $599 iPhone Costs $220 To Make Thanks, Mike. Is [...]

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NFL wants video, like Bears offensive drives, to only last 45 seconds

I'm a big fan of recurring jokes and one of my favorites revolves around hockey. See here in Chicago we have a professional hockey team but we can't watch it on local TV because the owner feels that broadcasting games would be bad for ticket sales. You can understand his argument considering that's exactly what [...]

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I’m full, but thanks

We have a bad habit in our house of moving stuff to the basement when we can't quite figure out what to do with it, when the boys don't play with something anymore or when we replace something but think that it might serve some purpose in the future. This then leads to 1) A [...]

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National Kidney Foundation Gift of Life Walk 2007

Yesterday the family and I - including my brother-in-law - participated in the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois' Gift of Life Walk down on the Chicago lakefront. As I've mentioned before my youngest son Evan was born with kidney problems that necessitated a kidney transplant almost two years ago when he was just one-and-a-half. The [...]