Quick Takes: 6/26/07

  • filmstrip5.jpgKarina Longworth was quoted by Anne Thompson in Variety in a story about how online buzz still hasn’t fully supplanted the power of the professional critic in the minds of most consumers. That’s a fair point but I think that while it’s true for the mainstream it’s not necessarily the case for smaller films and the campaigns that appeal to specific communities.
  • MetaFilter goes into the new trailer rating designation that applies to PG-13 films and dives more into red-band trailer strategies.
  • The New York Times profiles the writing team behind Transformers and how they strive for movies that have something to say but also feature big explosions.
  • National Lampoon is trying to revitalize its brand by focusing on making its own, higher-quality films as opposed to buying or producing cheap, low-brow fare.
  • 20th Century Fox has reversed its stance and is now encouraging the maker of a Die Hard video parody it previously demanded be removed to spread it far and wide online.
  • Speaking of Die Hard 4, Defamer has a picture of some airborne marketing the studio engaged in.
  • Niche production house Legendary will extend its business relationship with Warner Bros.
  • So far the summer’s tent pole releases have been performing well, at least in the first week or two of being in theaters.
  • Slashfilm says the trailer for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium will be attached to Ratatouille when it opens this week.
  • More coverage of the “green” cross promotions companies took part in as part of the Evan Almighty campaign.

LOTD: 6/26/07

  • Law school rankings, once the domain of once-a-year publications aimed at those considering a degree in that field, are now being handled by blogs. Even worse for those publishers, they’re becoming more of a factor in future attendee’s decisions. (CT)
  • Today’s Meta of the Day award goes to MightyBids, an online auction site which has gone belly-up, is now selling itself on eBay. (CT)
  • If you tried tuning into Pandora or any other online music station (except Last.fm) and were wondering where the, you know, music was, the stations all fell silent. The move was made to protest the ridiculous new royalty fees online broadcasters are to be subjected to. (CT)
  • Robert French lists the new batch of blogging communications students he’s got for this coming five-week period. These, like all their predecessors, should be good reads. (CT)
  • Mack Collier is asking for input on best practices in terms of comment approval on corporate blogs. (CT)
  • LinkedIn has, seemingly, seen the positive press and usage growth Facebook achieved by throwing open the API doors and decided to follow suit. The move will be made inside of the next nine months. It will be interesting to see how such tools get applied to a more professionally-oriented network as opposed to one with a reputation of being just cool. (CT)
  • Didn’t realize there was a blog focused on the homeless in Los Angeles. Check out the “LA’s Homeless Blog,” written by Joel John Roberts of PATH Partners. Found this via this item by Dakota Smith on Netscape’s Newsquake blog. (TB)

Congratulations to the Jaffe family

Before I try to catch up on all the stuff I ignored over a three-day weekend I want to send out great big congratulations to Joseph Jaffe and his family on the addition of a new baby boy to the brood. Seems everyone was doing well and the child has already called on agencies to stop planning 30-second spots.