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Quick Takes: 6/26/07

Karina Longworth was quoted by Anne Thompson in Variety in a story about how online buzz still hasn't fully supplanted the power of the professional critic in the minds of most consumers. That's a fair point but I think that while it's true for the mainstream it's not necessarily the case for smaller films and… Continue reading Quick Takes: 6/26/07


LOTD: 6/26/07

Law school rankings, once the domain of once-a-year publications aimed at those considering a degree in that field, are now being handled by blogs. Even worse for those publishers, they're becoming more of a factor in future attendee's decisions. (CT)Today's Meta of the Day award goes to MightyBids, an online auction site which has gone… Continue reading LOTD: 6/26/07

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Congratulations to the Jaffe family

Before I try to catch up on all the stuff I ignored over a three-day weekend I want to send out great big congratulations to Joseph Jaffe and his family on the addition of a new baby boy to the brood. Seems everyone was doing well and the child has already called on agencies to… Continue reading Congratulations to the Jaffe family