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What to do with MMM

I've got a question for the entire class at the end here, but first a little bit of explanation of where it is I'm coming from. I'm at a crossroads with what I feel I want to do here on Movie Marketing Madness. The question comes down to the two things that are here on… Continue reading What to do with MMM

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Slightly Longer Quick Takes 6/18/07

Defamer passes on a link from another blog that thinks the image used on the License to Wed poster looks like - wait for it - the female reproductive system. In this instance Robin Williams' legs and feet would make up the vagina. There are some moments where I don't even have to think about… Continue reading Slightly Longer Quick Takes 6/18/07


LOTD: 6/18/07

Mashable's Pete Cashmore has some thoughts on the deal to bring FOX video clips online via Brightcove. (TB) In the San Francisco Chronicle, there's an item about what could amount to an iffy situation with Comcast phone customers, who thought they could stick to a cheaper plan, but are now being notified that "pending regulatory… Continue reading LOTD: 6/18/07

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How is the answer to this not “Yes”?

Should Parents Be Liable For Boozing Teens? - Newsweek: Teen Driver - My grandpa used to sneak me a bottle-cap of beer when I was an older kid but that was about it. Parents who help their kids obtain and consume alcohol are doing a disservice to those kids.


Back to the core

WW Philly: Brand New Day - news Marvel is doing with its Spider-Man titles exactly what I wish it had done a while ago and wish it would do with its X-Men and other titles. At the end of the current story arc, running through all the Spidey books, the only one left standing… Continue reading Back to the core

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Revenue up at the major studios – PHEW!

The Motion Picture Association has released its report official confirming all-media revenue at the six major studios was up in 2006, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The all-media numbers include theatrical box-office, home video and both broadcast and pay television. The combined revenue from all six studios hit $42.6 billion, up eight percent from 2005. U.S.… Continue reading Revenue up at the major studios – PHEW!