LOTD: 6/14/07

  • Looks like Google’s idea to have a party for eBay merchants in Boston during an eBay event wasn’t a good idea after all. The Big G has cancelled its shindig after eBay cancelled its AdWords advertising in the U.S. [via TechMeme] (TB)
  • Make no mistake about it: The deal between NBC and Group M to only pay for TV commercials that are actually viewed instead of using show ratings as the basis for payments is about as huge a shift as they get. (CT)
  • My pal Joy sends along this fascinating item featuring a woman who made a video about presidential candidate Barack Obama. The reason I mention it here is the comment on the page, “gotta tell ya, politics in the age of citizen media is going to be fun as hell — what’s next?” True enough. (TB)
  • Stereogum provides a way that you, too, can have your say on what song should have played at the end of The Sopranos this season. Enjoy that! (TB)