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Movies ain’t what they used to be

David Poland has a stark critique of the summer movie season to date, especially as it relates to the huge number of sequels we've been shown to date. Poland pegs them all as disappointments because they try to hard to be everything to everybody, a sure sign that it's a film made with generous helpings… Continue reading Movies ain’t what they used to be

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Posting will resume soon

In the meantime I can't help but think of this quote from Bill Cosby: Himself But I've seen the boss's job... and I don't want it.

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They had me at…Oh you know how this ends

Madison Avenue Says Hello to ‘Hello,’ Again - New York Times

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

It's been just one year since we gathered here to review the marketing campaign for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, the second movie in the Pirates series. The second and third movies were, for the most part, shot back to back so Disney could release them on just this sort of schedule, an… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

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Quick Takes 5/24/07

Scott Kirsner is convinced there will be room for both paid and ad-supported online video distribution models. Scott also says is creating a monetization model for creators who put their content on the site. Some rumors are being circulated as to when we'll see an Iron Man teaser trailer. Marvel is releasing a bunch… Continue reading Quick Takes 5/24/07

AdAge In 60 Seconds

AdAge in 60 Seconds

Sears Holding Corp. has tapped MPG to handle media buying and planning work for both Sears and Kmart. The account is estimated to be worth about $740 million. The agency will also be taking over online work from MEC Interactive. If you bought a 30-second spot during last night's finale of "American Idol" you already… Continue reading AdAge in 60 Seconds


LOTD 5/24/07

The White House is working on a team of "rapid response" individuals to counter criticism on blogs and other online media. The team is primarily tasked on dealing with the current immigration debate but I wouldn't be surprised to see this built out in the future. (CT) The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation… Continue reading LOTD 5/24/07

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The Dark Knight campaign hits comic stores

The Newsarama blog reports that Warner Bros. is bringing their guerrilla marketing efforts for The Dark Knight to the real world. After launching some fun microsites there are now reports of someone hitting comic book stores and sprinkling all-Joker decks of cards on the floor. The cards not only feature Jokers but also contain the… Continue reading The Dark Knight campaign hits comic stores


Sit still, darnit

Marketers Struggle to Get Folks to Stay Put for the Commercials - New York Times Let's all feel sorry for the advertisers as they work on creating engaging ads that actually sell the product. That's so far removed from...oh wait...that's exactly what their job should be. So let's not feel sorry for them at all.

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NPR on advertising

NPR : In a Cluttered Mediaverse, Some Ads Stand Out This NPR story was kind of lame and wound up being an extended infomercial for Geico. Far off the game as far as NPR's usual level of reporting.