LOTD 5/31/07

My buddy Rick Klau from Feedburner gets interviewed by Eric Enge about RSS penetration, measurement and other such topics. (CT)Eric Eggertson has some good tips for employers about to bring young adults into the fold. Bottom line: Give them outlets where they can channel their passion, interest and intellect for the corporate good. (CT)Max Kalehoff… Continue reading LOTD 5/31/07

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Blockbusters all over the place – but how are they doing?

While studios jockey (and sometimes bicker) for position as the box office champs of the weekend or the biggest comedy of the year or whatever, it's important to maintain some perspective. As this New York Times story shows nothing aside from 1997's Titanic comes close to any claim as an all-time box office hit when… Continue reading Blockbusters all over the place – but how are they doing?

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Ratings system gets it wrong – again

Eric Zorn at the Chicago Tribune is wondering why Once from Fox Searchlight, which features just a few conversational F-bombs and no other objectionable content, is rated R. Such a rating, of course, limits the audience and creates a stigma around the movie. The answer, of course, is that the MPAA's ratings board thinks bad… Continue reading Ratings system gets it wrong – again

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Film fests raking in sponsorship dollars

A growing number of film festivals are making the rounds at no charge to attendees because they're ad-supported, reports MediaBuyerPlanner. Comcast, IFC and others are sponsoring the ten city tour of the Free Film Fest. In addition to the major opportunities there are chances for local and smaller advertisers to get in on the event… Continue reading Film fests raking in sponsorship dollars