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Quick Takes 5/30/07

Bankers are becoming an increasingly common presence at Cannes and other film festivals as movies look for the funds to get made and distributed. But Woody Allen, in a sad statement of today's Hollywood, is having a hard time finding a buyer for his latest film. Ian Schafer wants to make sure we're all paying… Continue reading Quick Takes 5/30/07

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Comic shop owners not thrilled with WB’s guerrilla marketing

Comics2Film reports that at least one owner of a comic book shop is not thrilled with Warner Bros. and their marketing techniques. The studio, as I mentioned before, had been sending teams equipped with all-Joker decks of playing cards to comic shops and releasing the cards in the store as part of the campaign for… Continue reading Comic shop owners not thrilled with WB’s guerrilla marketing

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Hollywood and exhibitors loving 3D

Major Hollywood players and exhibitors are tapping into the power of 3-D to express themselves, reports The New York Times. Theatrical features are being re-purposed for 3-D exhibition and new films are being shot in the format. While other studios have dabbled, Warner Bros. and Disney are the studios to most fully jump into the… Continue reading Hollywood and exhibitors loving 3D


Comics get brand heads

This story in the New York Times on how comics titles are bringing on "executive producers" and "show runners" that mirror such creative gurus in movies and TV is telling of how the entertainment industry is adapting. Comics are becoming more cinematic in their story-telling and these figures, who make sure everything is consistent and… Continue reading Comics get brand heads

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This alone speaks volumes about “The Right” in this country

Focus on Poor Seen as Risky --

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Special “Just because Mack’s cool” post

As you all know, I owe a large part of MMM's success to Mack Collier. He and I started communicating when he was writing for Beyond Madison Avenue in the lead-up to the marketing campaign for The Chronicles of Narnia. Mack's one of the brightest guys out there so I wanted to highlight two things… Continue reading Special “Just because Mack’s cool” post

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Movies ain’t what they used to be

David Poland has a stark critique of the summer movie season to date, especially as it relates to the huge number of sequels we've been shown to date. Poland pegs them all as disappointments because they try to hard to be everything to everybody, a sure sign that it's a film made with generous helpings… Continue reading Movies ain’t what they used to be