LOTD: 5/18/07

  • Ryan Block shares his side of the story behind the fake email inside Apple regarding iPhone delays. (TB)
  • The Deal’s VC Ratings blog points us to a Wired News interview with Gabe Rivera, where Rivera tells us all about the inception of TechMeme. (TB)
  • According to SEOpedia.org’s Christian Mezei, Dreamhost has asked customers to block Google’s search robot from indexing their sites, and in some case acted on its own to block it, citing high CPU levels, among other things. It’s a little disconcerting that someone would have the Google bot hitting it often enough to drive up a CPU to a level where it hurt other shared services customers, but to have it happen more than once says something else. (TB)
  • Earlier this morning, Thilk let me know about this gem from the AP’s Scott Lindlaw, who points out the “challenge” from the folks behind YouTube to the military regarding its blocking of the service because of bandwidth concerns. Seems that Chad Hurley says that since “they created the Internet,” he doesn’t “know what the problem is.” (TB)
  • If you’re downloading torrents, there’s a good chance you’re downloading television series programming, or say some recent stats. [via TechMeme] (TB)