LOTD: 5/10/07

  • Fast Company is Twittering. Countdown to Twitter being done is ticking away pretty quickly so now’s the time if you want in. (CT)
  • The Street Census blog lists the top ten worst things you can do if you’re reaching out to music bloggers and writers. [via] (CT)
  • Cory Bergman has the details on a blogging competition being put together by WMUR-TV and Gather.com. (CT)
  • Old media companies are just about one Metamucil away from pulling out the collapsible chair and yelling at the new media kids to get off of their lawn. (CT)
  • I’m pretty sure the fact that people are Googleing potential baby names to see how common they are before the child is born is a sign of something bad – bad like afterwards there needs to be a rainbow in the sky as a promise it will never happen again bad. (CT)
  • Oh sure, blog empires are fun and profitable now but then those pesky teenagers come and you have to worry about how protected your thermal exhaust port is. (CT)
  • My colleague Brian sent along this excellent link last night defending the use of PowerPoint in general, and in business. Definitely worth a read. (TB)
  • If you want to talk to the folks behind ExpressionEngine, EllisLab, make sure you don’t talk to them as if they’re some “big corporate with 100s of employees.” That would be bad. I think that if a company wants to close a thread because they believe it’s getting hostile towards itself, an individual, or is completely off-topic is one thing, but closing it because you believe that what the users are saying is “a big distraction,” I’m not sure that makes sense. Then again, it’s their forum, so what do I know. (TB)
  • Oh, one last thing. While Gawker is obviously at its snarktasticly best here, a lot of this stuff should be taken very seriously, PR people. [Thanks, Joy!] (TB)