While the folks in this story on “The Big Shots of Blogdom” are great and absolutely need to be paid attention to, there are also dozens of other smaller ones that are – or, more to the point, could be – talking about your company that you also need to plug into. Not doing so could result in:
-You not knowing about a crisis until it’s big enough to get the big guy’s attention.
-You missing the opportunity to reach a small but passionate audience, outreach that could potentially percolate up to the bigshots.
Please keep that in mind when trying to do blog outreach and monitoring. It’s not always about size – it’s also largely about passion.

–Chris Thilk

P.S. – Also make sure you’re setting expectations correctly. A hit on TechCrunch is huge, but if you’re a topsoil company it’s probably not going to happen no matter how much your client/CEO might want it to.